Localloop's Mission

"Consumers are no longer leads to generate, they are opportunities to cultivate"

Our mission is to provide consumers with the Internet they want, instead of the Internet they have.

We believe that the Internet in its current form is creating great distrust in the marketplace and is unnecessarily invading the privacy of consumers. The big reviews sites, search engines and social networks make their money by digitally stalking us, collecting our personal information and selling that information to advertisers and other third parties. We call this practice “Consumer Trafficking” and consider it a serious breach of privacy.

In order to create a better and safer Internet experience, we took the time to listen to what people really needed and wanted on the Internet. We discovered that people simply want a respectful, honest communication platform that honors individual personalities and social boundaries, educates versus sells, is easily accessible and always secure. In response to these desires, we created Localloop and its Opportunity Engine.

The Opportunity Engine is Localloop’s Web 3.0 solution to end Consumer Trafficking and give people the Internet they want. Our intention is to establish a uniform standard of trust and integrity that currently does not exist in the Internet marketplace, and to reinvent business-to-consumer communication by providing an infinite loop of trusted information.

We are excited to pursue this mission and believe it to be a worthy cause. Our success will result in a much better Internet, one that will allow people to connect to what matters in a meaningful and safe manner.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn more about Localloop.


Jason Gaylord
Localloop Founder

Band of Mothers
The Localloop Team

Jason Gaylord
Founder, Chairman and CVO

Shawn Tacey
President and CEO

Jack Kindred
Communications Manager

Rudy Gadre
Former Amazon VP of Legal and
Facebook General Counsel

Dr. Peter Fader
Co-Director of Wharton
Customer Analytics Initiative

Dr. Hart Hodges
Director of Center for Economics
and Business Research, WWU