Localloop Is Driven by Customer Satisfaction

Localloop helps businesses communicate customer satisfaction and performance in ways that consumers can easily understand and trust. Localloop Certified represents the assurance, and peace of mind, that businesses will perform ethically, reliably, and in an accountable fashion, making purchase decisions easy, convenient, and hassle-free.

  • local businesses offer a more personalized customer experience
  • These businesses are more easily held accountable
  • And we believe that local businesses are the foundation of our economy

Our mission is to redefine the ways in which consumers identify, select, and communicate with the highest quality businesses in their community. Only businesses that pass our rigorous certification process, including surveys of actual customers, earn the prestigious Localloop Certified designation which signifies they have risen to the top of their field. Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring consumers have confidence in the businesses they choose.

We are committed to performing all ratings and ongoing certification work with the highest integrity and accuracy while steadfastly protecting your privacy. This mission is fulfilled through our innovative web-based rating tools that are responsive to the needs of today's consumer and business in a changing marketplace.

To learn more about Localloop and How It Works, click play on the video below:

Localloop Team
Jason Gaylord
Chief Executive Officer

Born: Seattle
Hobbies: Golfing, Politics, Traveling and family

Jason Gaylord Founder and CEO of Localloop, is one of the nation's leading marketing minds and business leaders.

Jason has used his expertise to help local businesses thrive in a drastically changing marketplace. He has turned his ideas, concepts and methodologies into a number of products and services including our Certification Process, Strategic Marketing University, compelling seminars and the first completely 2-way, participatory Business Directory and Social Network. These innovations along with his cutting-edge communication style and philosophies have helped many local businesses become more efficient and profitable.

A Riveting, Motivational, and Inspirational Speaker

Jason is an energetic business coach and visionary who is passionate about helping local businesses thrive in the new marketplace. Jason's relevant content and charismatic delivery allow him to connect with people and will impact businesses from any industry while providing inspiration, information and tools to help you "Raise the Bar."

Spencer H. Addicott
Lead Account Manager

Born: Edmonds, WA
Hobbies: Skiing, Traveling and Scuba Diving

Spencer is an energetic, youthful and outgoing team member with a desire for sharing and absorbing industry information.

Spencer is committed to sharing the fundamentals and practices of Localloop to small businesses and consumers, in hopes of benefiting the local economy. He believes that face to face interactions are the critical ways to foster business relationships. His sales experience ranges from the hospitality industry to construction. His real world knowledge of the current internet landscape facilitates new easy to use designs and platforms for user experience.

Creative, Honest, and Relentless in Achieving Goals

Spencer is well traveled, he has studied in various countries and uses his first hand knowledge from his travels in his everyday life. He strives to “sponge” up as many perspectives, ideologies and cultures as possible, in order to better relate in daily interactions.

James Wirth
Director of Internet Marketing

Born: Seattle
Hobbies: Karaoke, Family

James Wirth has been an Internet marketer for nearly his entire professional career. The skills created and honed over more than a decade are brought full-force to the Localloop social commerce platform. Priorities include identifying new technologies to offer to Localloop Certified businesses, optimizing Localloop for consumers, marketing the platform to business owners and consumers, and improving the usability of Localloop for all users. James is also the producer of the Localloop blog, localloop.tv and our monthly e-newsletter.

A Sharp Eye, Quick Wit, & Creative Energy

James brings infectious energy to his position and is a thought leader in all-things-online-marketing. A unique dual passion for both digital marketing and helping others succeed makes James the perfect person to drive internet marketing.

Tim A. Parks
Creative Director

Born: Bellingham, Washington
Hobbies: Sports, Painting, Traveling and family

Tim is a dedicated commercial artist who has produced award winning work across the US.

Tim's expertise in the design and production of effective promotional materials and commercial retail interiors has set a high standard in today's industry. His passion for the creative process helps local businesses set themselves apart from the rest of their competition. He believes the old adage still holds true, "Look Successful, Act Successful, Be Successful". Getting the attention of potential customers is a real art and getting them to believe and trust in your company is what Localloop is all about.

A Conceptual Designer With an Eye for Producing the Right Look.

Tim is an enthusiastic professional designer and is passionate about helping local businesses thrive in the new marketplace. His practical skills and vast design expertise allow him to connect with and impact businesses from any industry, using proven design methods and innovative solutions that help you look your very best.

Mark Chang
Senior Software Engineer

Born: Taipei
Hobbies: Video Games, Wood-Working and Painting.

At Localloop, Mark seeks perfection in software development by writing quality code and refining the test process.

Strong Problem Solver

Mark has more than 15 years of experience working as a Software Engineer where he's tackled and delivered numerous successful IT projects. Mark is customer focused and very good at taking end user requirements and turning them into scalability and performance on the network.

Joseph Ohman
Chief Technology Officer

Born: Seattle
Skills: Everything Digital
Hobbies: Movies & Writing Code

Joseph Ohman has been building awe-inspiring applications and working with the latest technologies since 1994.

As Chief Technology Officer, he drives the architecture and engineering of core software infrastructure at Localloop, leveraging hands-on technical expertise and strategic vision as well as leadership and focused project management.

A Dedicated Code Warrior

Joseph has an amazing ability to bridge the space between entrepreneurial spirit, vision, business practice, and software implementation. Joseph leads technology and application development, security, tools development and system manageability technologies for Localloop’s broad product suite.

Jordan J. Gahn
Senior Web Developer
Born: Seattle
Skills: HTML5, JavaScript, SQL, ASP.NET
Hobbies: Snowboarding, Paintball, Hiking/Camping

Jordan Gahn, Senior Web Developer, started programming at age eight, and is known for his sense of humor, interest in all things computer science, and a knack for writing high quality code.

He doesn't like to take his skills too seriously - "I build websites and have fun doing’ it!" - but that's easy to say when you're as talented as he is. At Localloop, Jordan is responsible for doing amazing client side development and for helping to define our standards for web friendly HTML, CSS and unobtrusive JavaScript.

A High Level Design and Usability Guru

His work day starts and ends with what he's written to maximize efficiency and reduce redundancy. He loves that Localloop encourages a “big picture” approach and he’s bringing that mentality every day, where he's helping to build the next killer app!

Heather Roberts
Advertising Analyst

Born: Bellingham, WA
Hobbies: Being a mom, family & friends

Heather has climbed the small business to corporate ladder, all the way from Receptionist to President, and brings a unique perspective to the advertising & marketing industry. She thrives in absorbing information as the marketplace changes, and has learned to adapt quickly. From the time she started her journey into the business world at the ripe age of 17, she has gained valuable experience in tracking and refining business advertising budgets and marketing goals; as well as generating business marketing tools, advertising and becoming a successful networker.

An effective, extremely organized individual with a passion for people.

Now she wants to share the knowledge she has gained and help others to refine and adapt, in order to be the most successful in capturing prospects and putting your advertising dollars where they will work best. She has experienced Localloop from a business’ perspective, going through the certification process herself successfully, and has since become an avid believer in the process. As Localloop is a leader in the new marketplace, Heather gives her all in leading businesses to Localloop.

Our Philosophy

Consumers Now Have a Powerful Voice and a Place to Express It

In today's business marketplace, consumers are bombarded by false advertising, hype, and misleading gimmicks. Finding a trustworthy business can be difficult and time consuming. Imagine a resource for local merchants and service providers that have been pre-screened and rated by your friends and neighbors; then certified by a set of standards that hold them accountable, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Imagine no more! Localloop was developed to act as a trusted friend who is the expert on the best consumer resources in your community. You'll discover easy to find and clearly presented information, what we call Education-Based Communication. Localloop Certified Businesses invest in higher standards of performance so you can make your buying decisions with confidence. In addition, Localloop and Certified Businesses are committed to:

  • Supporting Local Commerce
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Honest Communication
  • Community Involvement
  • Protecting your Privacy

Localloop Certification Raises the Bar

This unique model goes against the tide of mediocrity and average expectations by providing customers with a higher standard of business performance and relationship compatibility.